"We have worked with Simon for over five years and have been really pleased with the work he has carried out for us. Deadlines have always been met and Simon is a pleasure to work with."
Coralie Short, Tregida Smokehouse
Simon Mees
"Simon and his associates have been instrumental in helping us to promote the novel with this video to people and places we couldn't imagine and as a result sales haven been fantastic!"
Graham Sclater, Author
"Simon is very easy to work with and is very creative. With a blend of your ideas and his he makes it easy to produce a video that enhances your business and brings life to your website allowing your customers to step right in and get a real feel for you and your business. I think that Simon's videos have an unpretentious style to them and give off a good vibe. We would highly recommend Simon to bring something very special to your business. We are absolutely delighted with what he has done for us."
Mike, Raven Surf School
"Simon created an incredible video for my song 'Staggering Sun'. My ideas for the video were not particularly focused, but Simon skilfully teased out exactly what I wanted and created a finished product that far exceeded my expectations. When filming the video, he was completely focused and motivated. He had the practical and creative ability to give perfect form to my rambling ideas, making something utterly fitting for the song."
Simon Stewart, Singer/Songwriter
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Food Photography

Invite me to spend some time at your restaurant and I will use a variety of lenses and techniques to capture the essence of your space, staff, menu and presentation style with a comprehensive selection of high quality images.

I can work on a table in a corner of your restaurant during opening hours or at a time when you are closed if you prefer. I can focus just on the food or I can attempt to capture your staff at work and your guests enjoying themselves if they are willing to be photographed.

I can work with battery powered lighting if a power supply is not available.

I hope that you will find me fun to work with and that I will become a valuable part of your long term marketing team.

"Simon made a real effort to understand my business and look at how he could make an impact on our internet marketing. He challenged our ideas in a professional way, was very creative and excellent at looking outside the box. I was also impressed with his constant attention to detail"
Richard Gill, Outdoor Adventure
"They have helped take our internet business to an entirely different place. The website has been completely transformed, we have stronger operating systems, and I now have a team behind me that gives me absolute confidence. They have a rare combination of skills and are able to help with strategy and then roll up their sleeves and deliver it!"
Paul Trudgian, Fish For Thought
"Simon has run our website and online marketing for more than 7 years. He is always two steps ahead of the competition in our very competitive industry and has proven to be both completely trustworthy and reliable."
Peter Bettis, Joan Allen